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Our Orlando Hair Transplant Services

ARTAS iX Robotic FUE
Embrace precision with ARTAS iX, our robotic follicular unit extraction system that ensures natural-looking results.
Follicular Unit Transplant
Our skilled team utilizes the FUT method to harvest and transplant hair follicles and deliver lasting, natural outcomes.
Follicular Unit Excision
Choose FUE method for a scar-free, minimally invasive procedure that promotes swift recovery and stunning hair restoration.
Laser Therapy
Revitalize your hair follicles with non-invasive laser therapy that promotes hair growth and enhances overall hair health.
Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options
Explore our range of non-surgical treatments, including medications and therapies, tailored to suit your unique needs.

Your Trusted Hair Loss Specialist in Orlando, FL

Boasting over three decades of experience and having successfully conducted over 50,000 procedures, Dr. Marina Pizarro is a distinguished figure in the hair transplant field. Unlike general practitioners who may offer hair restoration as one of many services, Dr. Pizarro has dedicated her career exclusively to hair transplant surgery. This singular focus allows her to stay at the forefront of the industry, mastering the latest techniques to deliver long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Pizarro Hair Restoration is committed to making premium hair restoration solutions accessible to everyone throughout Orlando. We provide a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures tailored to meet your unique needs.

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What Makes Us the Perfect Choice for Hair Loss Clinic in Orlando, FL

Since 1992, Pizarro Hair Restoration has been a leading force in hair restoration, having performed over 50,000 successful procedures with a high satisfaction rate. Our team, led by the distinguished Dr. Marina Pizarro, leverages cutting-edge techniques to deliver transformative results.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expertise: Dr. Pizarro’s 30+ year career and our extensive experience ensure you receive the most advanced and effective hair restoration solutions.
  • Personalized Approach: We prioritize understanding your unique needs and goals through in-depth consultations.
  • Commitment to Results: We utilize proven techniques and meticulous planning to achieve natural-looking, long-lasting hair growth.
  • Financing Options


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our surgical hair restoration involves transplanting hair follicles from one area to another. Our non-surgical methods, on the other hand, include using medications, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and laser therapy to stimulate hair growth.

Our experts will assess whether you are eligible for a hair transplant in Orlando. We will take into account factors such as the stage of hair loss, the availability of donor hair, and your overall health.

Our non-surgical methods are minimally invasive, have no downtime, and offer varying levels of effectiveness in stimulating hair growth. We recommend these methods for early-stage hair loss in Orlando.

Hair transplant results are generally considered permanent. Transplanted hair retains its characteristics from the donor site, making it resistant to further loss.

The initial recovery period is about seven to ten days. During this, you might experience some discomfort and swelling. For a complete and thorough recovery, we advise allowing yourself several months.

Absolutely! Our surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques are designed to deliver natural-looking results that harmonize seamlessly with your unique hair and facial features.

The number of sessions varies based on the treatment type, severity of hair loss, and individual response. We typically suggest having multiple sessions for the best results.

While you may need to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks post-surgery, you can resume most regular activities shortly after your hair transplant in Orlando.

Both surgical and non-surgical procedures come with potential risks like infection, scarring, and allergic reactions. Consultation with our specialist will help you understand the risks and achieve the best hair transplant in Orlando.

Non-surgical treatments may require several months to show noticeable improvements as they work with the natural hair growth cycle.

Certainly, combining treatments like PRP therapy and laser therapy can potentially enhance results. Consult with our specialist to determine the best combination for your hair loss in Orlando, FL.

Yes, we use the ARTAS® iX, a cutting-edge robotic technology for precise and minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation.

Our clinic maintains a high success rate in delivering the best hair transplant in Orlando, backed by our experienced team and advanced techniques. We have an impressive 99% success rate for our hair transplant procedures and a 96% precision rate in diagnoses, which help us tailor effective treatments for each client.

While there's no specific age limit, candidates should have reached at least a stable age for hair loss in Orlando, FL. Consultation with our experts will determine if you're ready for the procedure.

Our specialists will assess your specific hair loss pattern, health, goals, and preferences to recommend the most suitable method for you.

Local anesthesia is the standard choice for hair transplant surgery. It is administered to numb the target areas and ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience during your hair transplant in Orlando, FL.

Our experts will evaluate your medical history to decide if you qualify for a hair transplant in Orlando. Some medical conditions and medications may affect your eligibility. Our team will provide direction to ensure your safety and achieve the best results.

Yes, our specialists will provide you with detailed pre-operative and post-operative instructions. These guidelines are created to maximize your results and reduce any possible risks.

Absolutely. We provide a range of financing options to ensure our hair transplant procedures are affordable and accessible for our valued clients. On top of delivering the best hair transplant in Orlando, our team can discuss the available options for you during your consultation.

Certainly, we showcase before and after photos to highlight the remarkable transformations our patients have achieved through our hair transplant services in Orlando. To understand the results visually, feel free to inquire about these photos during your consultation.

Artas iX Hair Restoration Machine

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