Meet Dr. Pizarro

Discover the expertise that revolutionized the hair restoration industry and made a positive impact on countless lives.

Marina Pizarro, MD

Hair Transplant Specialist

Dr. Marina Pizarro is the industry’s first female hair transplant surgeon with over 30 years of experience behind her back. She is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which has performed over 50,000 procedures nationwide.

Her medical journey began at the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, followed by a residency in Orlando, Florida. Throughout her career, her dedication to delivering exceptional care has been highlighted by her extensive multi-state medical licenses, covering Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, and Puerto Rico.

The Beginning of Pizarro Hair Restoration

Dr. Pizarro’s path took a significant turn when she reconnected with the renowned hair transplant surgeon Constantine Chambers. Together, they established one of the largest hair restoration practices.

With five years of intensive training, including performing numerous procedures globally and participating in conventions, Dr. Pizarro embarked on her own practice in 1994. She established her clinic, focusing exclusively on hair restoration for both men and women.

Transforming Lives, Building Trust

What sets Dr. Pizarro apart is her meticulous attention to detail, artistic approach, and hands-on involvement in every aspect of a patient’s procedure. She goes beyond her typical roles, engaging directly in critical steps such as donor hair harvesting and graft placements.

While some practitioners limit their surgeon involvement and rely only on fleeting trends, Dr. Pizarro combines established hair restoration standards with modern techniques to achieve remarkable results. Her sincere, patient-focused approach makes her an invaluable partner in your transformation journey.