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At Pizarro Hair Restoration, we understand that hair loss can be a deeply personal concern, affecting your confidence and overall well-being. Dr. Marina Pizarro, with over 30 years of experience, leads our team of hair restoration specialists who are dedicated to providing personalized solutions.

We utilize innovative, scientifically proven techniques, including Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), to achieve natural-looking, long-lasting results. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in over 100,000+ satisfied patients. We develop customized plans for hair loss treatment based on individual hair loss patterns, aesthetic goals, and scalp conditions.

Many of our patients have experienced successful hair restoration, regaining their confidence and improving their quality of life. We invite you to explore our patient stories.

Our Hair Restoration Service

ARTAS iX Robotic FUE

Enjoy natural and highly accurate results with the help of the latest technology in hair restoration. We have a passion for innovating the best solutions for hair loss.

Laser Therapy

Experience a non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates your scalp for healthier hair growth. Our clinic ensures that you'll get hassle-free hair restoration without the need for scalpels.

Follicular Unit Transplant

Achieve fuller hair permanently with a proven and tested method. Our clinic guarantees that your new locks will blend well with your natural hair.

Follicular Unit Excision

Say goodbye to bald spots with our follicular unit excision procedure. With our expertise, you can achieve hair fullness with minimal scarring.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Embrace fuller hair without undergoing surgery. We offer natural methods and treatments that stimulate hair growth.

What Our Clients Say About Our Hair Transplant Services

Hear it from our satisfied clients who experience firsthand the life-changing impact of our exceptional care and premium hair restoration services:

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Artas iX Hair Restoration Machine

Take control of your hair loss with the best hair restoration service

Hair loss is a challenge, but it’s one that we can help you overcome. Our expert team offers the best hair transplant services tailored to your needs. Contact us today to explore our innovative treatments and embrace the opportunity to rediscover the full, healthy hair you deserve.