Patient Financing

Invest in your best self with flexible, cost-effective solutions at Pizarro Hair Restoration. 

Health insurance typically doesn’t cover hair restoration procedures. So, to ensure you can confidently embark on your transformation journey, we provide a range of financing options that perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Our patient financing options include a variety of flexible payment plans. Whether you’re looking for short-term or extended repayment options, we have a plan that aligns with your financial comfort. 

Financing Options for Our Hair Restoration Services

Applying for patient financing is simple and hassle-free. Our streamlined application process ensures a quick turnaround for approvals. We know that your focus should be on your transformation, so we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending is the premier financing partner in the healthcare industry, having facilitated over $5 Billion in loans and empowering over 250,000 individuals.

Here are the benefits you can enjoy with this loan financing: 

Prosper Health Care Lending makes hair restoration easily accessible through manageable monthly payments. Its simple online process comes with no hidden fees, making financing hassle-free. When you apply, you can expect a reply within a few minutes! 

CareCredit health, wellness, and beauty credit cards allow you to access both recommended surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures—all while enjoying the convenience of manageable monthly payments.

With CareCredit, you benefit from: 

CareCredit is your trusted partner in achieving your health and aesthetic goals. Apply now and unlock your potential for enhanced beauty and well-being. 


United Medical Credit

Numerous patients have relied on United Medical Credit to arrange budget-friendly payment options for their treatments. Now, it’s your turn to experience the same convenience.

United Medical Credit offers a host of advantages, including: 

Choose United Medical Credit for a convenient financing experience and affordable care. 

What Our Clients Say

Hear it from our satisfied clients who experience firsthand the life-changing impact of our exceptional care and premium hair restoration services:

Kevin Leonard From Google Reviews

I have recently decided to go ahead and get a transplant. I have talked to multiple offices and decided on this one. So far my experience had been phenomenal, very responsive to questions or concerns I have had. The entire staff was great.
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Fred Fredric J. Lowe From Google Reviews

Dr. Pizarro is amazing! She treated me with the utmost of professionalism and care. She showed me exactly what she was trying to do on my hairline and her price was very reasonable.
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GGHair Clinic From Google Reviews

I always liked the work Dr. Pizarro did on the clients I referred to her as a hairstylist. When the time came, my husband needed hair surgery and obviously, we used her and the results are amazing!

Joshua Beckford From Google Reviews

Dr.Pizarro did my hair transplant 2months ago. I am entering my 3 month and my hair is so much thicker..I recommend this dr for anybody suffering form Hair loss. Thank you Doctor..for giving me back my confidence

Life Balance Medical From Google Reviews

We always refer our clients to Dr. Pizarro and we are more than happy with how she services them and our clients love the results. Will keep using Dr. Pizarro for Hair Restoration clients problems

Gale J From Google Reviews

I love Dr. Pizarro and her entire team! From the day of the consultation to post surgery, Dr. Pizarro was involved every step of the way. She and her team transformed my life!
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Eric Cole From Google Reviews

Dr. Pizarro is first class! I first met her over three years ago to discuss hair transplantation. Now I finally decided to go ahead with the surgery, and she scheduled me very last-minute on a trip to Orlando.
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Melissa Castro From Google Reviews

The only place I go for my hair! Nancy is the best and I highly recommend. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair. I had a lot of damage due to being bleach by a previous hair dresser and my hair is so healthy now!v

Alex Castro From Google Reviews

When I was looking for a clinic to take care of my hair loss issues I did a lot of of research and I’m glad I did, Dr. Pizarro had all the answers and put me at ease regarding my surgery. I’m so happy with the results!

Kendra Torres From Google Reviews

They are amazing here the doctor is great very nice and ready to answer any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient financing is a financial arrangement that allows individuals to pay for medical procedures, treatments, or services over time through manageable monthly payments. It offers a way to access healthcare services without paying the entire cost upfront. 

Financing provides an option for you to undergo hair restoration procedures that might be financially challenging to pay upfront. It allows you to break down the total cost into smaller, more affordable payments, making treatment accessible while minimizing immediate financial strain. 

Patient financing covers a wide range of procedures, including our surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures. It's like having your own financial backup for your health and wellness needs. 

Patient financing involves applying for a loan specifically designed for medical expenses. If approved, you'll receive funds to cover the cost of your procedure, which you can repay in installments over an agreed-upon period. The terms, interest rates, and repayment plans vary based on your chosen financing option. 

Qualification requirements may vary depending on the financing provider. Generally, factors such as credit history, income, and employment status are considered. Some financing options also offer plans for individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores. 

The application process typically involves filling out an online or paper application form provided by the financing company. You'll need to provide personal and financial information. Some financing providers offer instant decisions, while others might require more time for review. 

The decision timeline varies among financing providers. Some may provide instant decisions, while others might take a few days for review. 

Yes, you can apply for patient financing before finalizing your procedure choice. This allows you to explore financing options and get pre-approved, giving you a clearer understanding of your budget for medical expenses. 

Yes, patient financing often involves interest rates that are determined by the financing provider and the terms of the loan. It's imperative to review the interest rates and terms before committing to a financing plan. 

Many patient financing options offer plans for individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores. While interest rates vary based on your credit history, exploring different financing providers can help you find a suitable option. 

Definitely! You can often use patient financing for multiple treatments. It's like having a single solution for different health needs. 

Patient financing is primarily designed for medical procedures and treatments. However, some financing options offer flexibility to cover expenses like consultations, prescriptions, and follow-up visits. 

In some cases, you might be able to combine patient financing with other payment methods if the financing option covers only a portion of the total cost. It's advisable to clarify this with the financing provider. 

Once approved, you'll receive information about your repayment schedule, including the due dates and payment methods. Payments are typically made through electronic transfer or check. 

Absolutely! Patient financing options often come with a variety of repayment plans to choose from. These plans offer flexibility in terms of the period you have to pay back the loan and the size of your monthly payments. 

Yes, many patient financing options allow you to prepay your loan without any charges. It's a great way to save on interest and finish off your payments sooner if you're able to do so. Always double-check the terms of your specific financing option to make sure prepayment is penalty-free. 

Reputable financing providers typically disclose all the fees upfront. However, always review the terms and conditions of your financing option to make sure you understand any potential fees that might be involved. 

To choose the best patient financing option, consider factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, fees, and whether the provider offers plans that align with your financial situation. Compare different providers to find the one that suits your needs and budget best. 

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