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High-Quality Products to Amplify the Results of Your Hair Transformation 

The right tools and products can make all the difference when it comes to hair restoration. Pizarro Hair Restoration offers an array of products to facilitate successful surgical procedures and nurture natural hair growth. Developed in collaboration with leading experts and fueled by the latest advancements in the field, our products are designed to elevate every aspect of your restoration process. 

Our Products

Non-Surgical Options

1. PRP

Utilizing the innate curative potential of your blood's platelets, PRP treatment entails the extraction of a minor blood sample, its refinement, and its subsequent administration into the scalp, triggering the stimulation of hair regrowth.

2. Low-Level Laser:

Auxo A300
Xtrallux Extreme Rx

3. Prescription Medications:

Propecia is a widely used medication for addressing male pattern baldness. It functions as an enzyme blocker, interrupting the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This reduction in DHT leads to more hair regrowth and slower hair loss in males. A single pill of Propecia every day can target the core of hair loss issues, positioning it among the most powerful orally administered solutions accessible.

Dutasteride (Avodart) inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that is thought to contribute to the miniaturization of hair follicles in male pattern baldness. By reducing DHT levels, Dutasteride may slow down hair loss and potentially stimulate some hair regrowth in men with male pattern baldness.

4. Non-Prescription Medications:

Rogaine, or Minoxidil, rejuvenates thinning hair caused by hereditary hair loss. With regular use, Rogaine promotes the growth of thicker, fuller hair. This widely recognized generic medication is a reliable solution for addressing androgenic alopecia, a prevalent form of hair loss.

5. Trichology

Experts in this field specialize in issue like hair loss, oily scalp and alopecia.

6. Oral Supplements:

Dr. Pizarro introduces a high-grade vitamin regimen to patients to achieve a smooth healing process. Incorporating daily doses of Vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, and magnesium into your regimen strengthens the restorative process and promotes healing from the inside out. This natural supplement also contributes to stronger hair and nail growth. Elevate your hair care with premium Pizarro Hair Restoration Vitamins, available for delivery or easy pick-up at our office.

Post Surgical Healing Options

1. SurgiHeal Powered by HOCL

Supports peri-operative and postoperative surgical wound healing

1. Tricomin Hair Restoration Products

Tricomin® is a revolutionary post-operative hair care kit featuring Copper Peptide Power (CPM), a potent blend designed to ensure better results during your hair transplant recovery phase. This kit offers essential moisture, protection, and micro-nutrients tailored to support the healing of graft and recipient sites.

Discovered by Dr. Loren Pickart while studying the mechanisms of human aging, Tricomin is a small peptide that forms a strong affinity with copper. It is a naturally occurring signaling factor in our bodies, triggering skin, hair, and bone tissue regeneration. But, as we age, the production of these peptides reduces, potentially leading to poor tissue regeneration.

Choosing products enriched with copper peptide can facilitate skin repair, increase hair follicle size, and stimulate hair growth. By countering the natural reduction of hair production as we age, Tricomin® assists in maintaining robust hair shafts and prevents hair thinning over time.

Here are different Tricomin® products meticulously crafted to enhance your post-surgical healing journey:

Tricomin Shampoo

3. H2Ocean

Nutrient Spray Hair and Scalp
Sea Salt, Lysozyme, Sterile Saline, 82 trace minerals


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

Our products are formulated with advanced technologies and nourishing ingredients that target hair health. By providing essential nutrients and promoting a conducive scalp environment, these products help stimulate hair regrowth. 

Yes, many of our products are designed to complement both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures. Consult with our experts for personalized recommendations based on your specific situation. 

Our products are carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of hair types and textures. They offer solutions that can benefit individuals with varying hair characteristics. 

Absolutely. Our products are specifically designed to address hair thinning concerns. They target the factors contributing to hair loss and promote a healthier, denser appearance. 

Yes, we offer products tailored to aid in the post-surgery healing process. They are crafted to provide comfort and support during the recovery period. 

Our products are formulated with a focus on safety and effectiveness. While adverse reactions are rare, it's advisable to review the product ingredients and consult with a professional if you have specific allergies or sensitivities. 

The frequency of use varies by product. Detailed usage instructions are provided with each product to guide you in achieving the best results.

Yes, our products are generally safe for color-treated hair. However, it's recommended to review the product labels and perform a patch test before applying on a larger scale.

Many of our products are formulated without harmful chemicals like parabens and sulfates. We prioritize using quality ingredients that promote hair health and support overall well-being. 

Yes, our products are designed to address hair concerns in both men and women, catering to the unique needs of each gender. 

Our products are generally well-tolerated, but if you have a sensitive scalp, it's best to perform a patch test before applying them to ensure compatibility. Consult a dermatologist or healthcare professional before incorporating new products into your routine. 

While our products are formulated to be effective on their own, it's recommended to consult a medical professional if you're using prescription medications to ensure compatibility. 

Results can vary depending on individual factors and the product used. Generally, consistent use over a few weeks to months is needed to observe noticeable improvements. 

Yes, many of our products can be seamlessly integrated into your existing hair care routine for enhanced results. 

Absolutely. Our experts are here to offer personalized recommendations based on your unique hair concerns and goals. 

Our products are available for purchase both online and at our clinic. You have the flexibility to choose the option that suits you best. 

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