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For those seeking the perfect blend of quality care and a transformative experience, Pizarro Hair Restoration is your gateway to change. Our company is a trailblazer in medical tourism hair transplant services, opening doors to a world of possibilities for your hair restoration journey. With us, you aren’t just embarking on a path to reclaim your confidence – you’re doing it in a setting that understands your unique needs.

Our Services

1. Hair Restoration Surgery

Reclaim a full head of hair with our advanced surgical techniques.

2. ARTAS iX Robotic FUE

Experience precise and automated follicular unit extraction.

3. Follicular Unit Transplant

Restore your hair with this proven transplant method.

4. Follicular Unit Excision

Achieve natural-looking results with this advanced extraction technique.

5. Laser Therapy

Stimulate hair growth with our innovative laser treatments.

6. Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

Explore non-invasive methods to revive your hair.

Refreshing Change With Expert Hair Solutions

Looking to escape hair loss’s grasp? Pizarro Hair Restoration has the perfect solution to set you free. Our hair transplant medical tourism services will not only give you a new head of hair but also a fresh start on life. Here’s how our services can benefit you:

1. Rejuvenating Change

Experience a complete transformation like never before. Our hair restoration medical tourism services combine the expertise of skilled specialists with the excitement of a new environment, ensuring that your journey to lush locks is infused with a revitalizing touch.

2. Distinctive Experiences

Step into a world where your comfort and care take center stage. Our hair transplant medical tourism agency crafts a seamless blend of top-tier treatments and unique destinations, allowing you to embark on a distinctive hair restoration expedition that's tailor-made to fit your needs.

3. Aesthetic Milestones

Embrace the adventure of change while taking comfort in the promise of guaranteed results. As pioneers of medical tourism for hair restoration, we've curated a unique list of locations for exciting adventures while ensuring you have a competent and caring support system with a proven track record of success for your hair transplant journey.

Starting Your Hair Restoration Journey

1. Consultation

Begin your journey by scheduling a consultation with our experts. We'll discuss your goals, assess your suitability for hair restoration, and provide personalized recommendations.

2. Treatment Planning

If you're deemed suitable to undergo the hair transplant process, our specialists will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. You'll have a clear understanding of the process, expected outcomes, and post-treatment care.

3. Destination Selection

As a medical tourism hair transplant agency, we'll guide you in choosing the ideal location for your hair restoration journey. You can explore our network of destinations known for their expertise in hair transplant tourism and enjoy a blend of quality care and unforgettable experiences.

4. Travel Arrangements

Once your treatment plan and destination are finalized, our dedicated team will assist you with the necessary travel arrangements, including appointments, accommodations, and logistics, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

5. Transplant Procedure

At the destination, you'll undergo the hair transplant procedure with our trusted partners. Throughout the process, our team remains accessible in case you have queries or concerns. We coordinate with the medical experts involved to guarantee continuity of care and a successful transplant.

Client Testimonials

Kevin Leonard From Google Reviews

I have recently decided to go ahead and get a transplant. I have talked to multiple offices and decided on this one. So far my experience had been phenomenal, very responsive to questions or concerns I have had. The entire staff was great.
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Fred Fredric J. Lowe From Google Reviews

Dr. Pizarro is amazing! She treated me with the utmost of professionalism and care. She showed me exactly what she was trying to do on my hairline and her price was very reasonable.
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GGHair Clinic From Google Reviews

I always liked the work Dr. Pizarro did on the clients I referred to her as a hairstylist. When the time came, my husband needed hair surgery and obviously, we used her and the results are amazing!

Joshua Beckford From Google Reviews

Dr.Pizarro did my hair transplant 2months ago. I am entering my 3 month and my hair is so much thicker..I recommend this dr for anybody suffering form Hair loss. Thank you Doctor..for giving me back my confidence

Life Balance Medical From Google Reviews

We always refer our clients to Dr. Pizarro and we are more than happy with how she services them and our clients love the results. Will keep using Dr. Pizarro for Hair Restoration clients problems

Gale J From Google Reviews

I love Dr. Pizarro and her entire team! From the day of the consultation to post surgery, Dr. Pizarro was involved every step of the way. She and her team transformed my life!
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Eric Cole From Google Reviews

Dr. Pizarro is first class! I first met her over three years ago to discuss hair transplantation. Now I finally decided to go ahead with the surgery, and she scheduled me very last-minute on a trip to Orlando.
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Melissa Castro From Google Reviews

The only place I go for my hair! Nancy is the best and I highly recommend. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair. I had a lot of damage due to being bleach by a previous hair dresser and my hair is so healthy now!v

Alex Castro From Google Reviews

When I was looking for a clinic to take care of my hair loss issues I did a lot of of research and I’m glad I did, Dr. Pizarro had all the answers and put me at ease regarding my surgery. I’m so happy with the results!

Kendra Torres From Google Reviews

They are amazing here the doctor is great very nice and ready to answer any questions or concerns.


In most cases, a hair transplant procedure lasts a lifetime and offers a permanent solution for hair loss. The transplanted hair is resistant to the factors that cause balding, ensuring long-lasting results.

The best way to determine your candidacy for a hair transplant is through a consultation with our specialists. Generally, individuals with sufficient donor hair, good overall health, and realistic expectations can undergo a hair transplant.

Surgical hair restoration, such as transplant procedures, involves physically moving hair follicles to the balding areas. Non-surgical options, like medications and therapies, aim to slow hair loss and stimulate regrowth without invasive methods.

Generally, the initial recovery period after a hair transplant surgery is around 7 to 10 days. You may experience some discomfort and have to follow post-operative care instructions. The transplanted hair will typically shed within a few weeks but will then gradually regrow.

Combining a hair transplant with other cosmetic procedures can be possible. During your consultation, we can discuss the options that align with your goals and determine the feasibility of combining treatments.

About Medical Tourism in Orlando, Florida

Embrace the sunshine and set the stage for your hair restoration voyage in Orlando, Florida. Known as the Theme Park Capital of the World,” this vibrant city boasts a tropical climate that’s as inviting as its iconic attractions. With its year-round warmth and lush landscapes, Orlando offers the perfect environment to enhance your well-being and nurture your hair’s new beginnings.

Home to world-renowned theme parks like Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando creates a magical tapestry that blends adventure, fantasy, and endless possibilities. From thrilling rides to captivating shows, your post-treatment days can be filled with the joy and wonder that permeate this captivating destination.

Orlando isn’t just about the parks, though. It also houses a thriving art scene, with museums, galleries, and theaters that offer a dose of culture. For nature enthusiasts, the city’s surrounding areas provide a haven of natural beauty, including stunning springs and nature reserves where you can bask in serenity and embrace the rejuvenating power of the outdoors.

Reclaim Your Confidence With Our Transformative Hair Restoration Services

Discover a world of possibilities with Pizarro Hair Restoration, a leader in medical tourism hair transplant services. Combining expert care with exciting travel experiences, we offer personalized hair restoration solutions, from advanced surgical techniques to non-invasive treatments.

Embark on a journey that not only restores your hair but rejuvenates your entire being. Join us for a unique hair transplant tourism experience that promises lasting results and a transformative adventure. Contact us to begin your journey to confidence and style.